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Welcome to Functional Sports Medicine

Dr. Ara Suppiah has had the priviledge of working with some of the biggest names in golf. He spent over 10 years developing his Super Elite Six Program, which he uses to get the athletes he works with in absolute peak physical condition without breaking down.

What People Say


Gary Woodland  circular testimonial image

Gary Woodland

PGA Tour Pro Golfer

No one I rely on more for medical advice than Dr. Ara.

Henrik Stenson circular testimonial image

Henrik Stenson

PGA Tour Pro Golfer

Dr. Ara is who I trust for all my medical needs

Ian Poulter circular testimonial image

Ian Poulter

PGA Tour Pro Golfer

Simply.... Ara is the best at what he does.

Justin Rose circular testimonial image

Justin Rose

World #1 / Olympic Gold Medalist

I feel like the results speak for themselves.

Steve Stricker circular testimonial image

Steve Stricker

PGA Tour Pro Golfer

His philosophy on health and wellness resonated with me.

Vijay Singh circular testimonial image

Vijay Singh

PGA Tour Pro Golfer

The first wealth is health and Ara has given me this time after time.


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Ara speaking to public in medical scrubs