Functional SPorts Medicine


Functional Sports Medicine is the art and practice of caring for a professional or corporate athlete at a personal, cellular and DNA level.

Most people I meet have a clear plan for their careers, families and retirement, but only a very rough plan, if any, for their health. We are easily distracted by ever changing contradicting health information. For an athlete, professional or corporate, securing physical vitality is the keystone for a hall of fame career. I can tell you first hand that the greats do not leave their greatest asset to chance. They have a well-defined plan, executed with excellence, because it is automated, practical and gives them an edge.

I share these strategies in my high-octane keynotes, designed to inspire, entertain and enhance your personal suc­cess and your company's bottom line.

Your physical and mental health is at the center of a life by design. You have to own it , cherish it, maximize it. Any­thing less, and you have a life by default.

You need a clear strategy to fulfill your birthright - to vibrate with radiant health. I am relentlessly passionate about maximizing health and human performance. Like I said, your health is personal to me.


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Welcome to Functional Sports Medicine

Dr. Ara Suppiah has had the priviledge of working with some of the biggest names in golf. He spent over 10 years developing his Super Elite Six Program, which he uses to get the athletes he works with in absolute peak physical condition without breaking down.